Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Location and Accuracy

All detected location in this apps, is retrieved by using HTML5 Geolocation features. That is the location retrieved is purely depend on device and sensor available to your computer / smartphone. Thus could be smartphone GPS, WiFi, Cellphone triangulation, or in case laptop/PC is IP address. Please see on FAQ section about how it is works.

Retrived location data here (lat and long) should be used for information purpose only, and not for distance sensitive needs (such as showing your party location, or launching your ballistic missile). Please note that if the accuracy shown in our webpage is poor (written in red), it means that you are too far from your exact location (more than 100 m).

Grocery Stores Data

All grocery store data shown is gathered from Google Places Database. We don't take any responsibility for any mismatch between data shown and reality. Please note that we don't take responsibility for any gasoline consumed by your car, any sweat out of your body, or any similar thing caused by the data mismatch.

Please note that by using our application, you are also bounded by Google's Term of Service

Privacy Policy

We guarantee that we (this site) doesn't save any data about your location. We respect your privacy. This site is also served using https (SSL) which make your privacy more protected. However please note that we use your location data (latitude and longitude) to display your location on Google Maps, and also to get data about grocery stores near you. For Google Maps Terms of Service about Privacy Policy, please see the section here or Here