What is Grocery Store?

Grocery store is a shop (either convenience, or traditional) wherr we can buy grocery supplies.

The term grocery itself is mostly means any raw or preprocessed food supplies for our daily consumption. The grocery supplies often need to be cooked first. And these what makes grocery store is differ from cafe / restaurants.

Some common example of grocery are vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, meat, chicken, eggs, spices, etc.

In some countries the grocery is sold in a traditional market where there are several merchant gathered in one place. The market usually established by local gocernment or by the merchant themselves. 

In more modern culture, however this kind of market is often replaced by big supermarket / grocery store chain which owned by giant company. 

The term of grocery store however is sometimes also used for convenience store which doesn’t sell green groceries. 

Hello, I’m the developer of this apps

Hi, My name is Sahid. this is the first entry post for this Grocery Store Finder blog. This is a blog for a web apps to find Grocery Store near You.

If you don’t know me, I’m the founder and also developer of this web apps. Already try this apps? What do you think? or facing any problem? My goal is that this apps is just a first entry of the next big thing. I want to build an apps in which you can search not just grocery store, but almost anything. I already built a prototype named Tempata, which built in Bahasa Indonesia. Contact me if you want to also contribute to such similar project with me.

What I Want to Share

I build a blog means I want to share things. Unlike other apps developer which sometimes hid completely their recipes, no. I don’t want to. I want to share anything, especially the background of this apps, how it works, and also some other thing..

I want to be as useful person as can be, and want to share anything useful for you. So stay tuned for the next post.


Toni Tegar Sahidi,
June 24th, 2016